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How to be an Extraordinary Athlete – Complete 12 Chapter eBook edition
The complete, all chapters-in-one, edition of How to be an Extraordinary Athlete as an eBook. Get ac..
Chapter 1 eBook Edition – Live your Dreams and Be Extraordinary
Live your dreams and be Extraordinary. This chapter sets the scene for the rest of the book with a s..
Chapter 2 eBook Edition – Identify Your Dream – Where are you now?
Identify your dream. Where are you now? Learn how to have your skills evaluated to maximise your pot..
Chapter 3 eBook Edition – Turn your Dreams into Reality
Turn your dreams into reality. With the power of a dream combined with the power of goal setting, yo..
Chapter 4 eBook Edition – Believe it, Say it, See it
Believe it, Say it, See it. Discover how to believe in yourself and develop a winning mindset. ..
Chapter 5 eBook Edition – Love to Learn – The trait of all great champions
Love to Learn. The secret of all great champions is to never stop learning and never stop improving...
Chapter 6 eBook Edition – Create your Winning Environment
Create your Winning Environment. It is the little differences that make the big difference. ..
Chapter 7 eBook Edition – Energise You! Goals for Optimum Nutrition
Energise You. Eat to win. You really are what you eat. Fuel the engine that drives you to be more ef..
Chapter 8 eBook Edition – Training to Be Extraordinary
Train to be Extraordinary. Superior fitness gives you so much confidence. You are stronger, you can ..
Chapter 9 eBook Edition – Recover to Win
Recover to Win. Hard work alone won’t produce your best results. Discover the latest recovery techni..
Chapter 10 eBook Edition – Overcoming Injuries and Tough Times
Nothing is Impossible. Tough times don’t last. Tough people do. Learn how to overcome injuries and t..
Chapter 11 eBook Edition – Success Routines
Success Routines. This chapter is filled with great routines to help you optimally prepare, keep you..
Chapter 12 eBook Edition – Allow and Let it Happen
Allow and Let it Happen. In this chapter, I share with you some steps to trust, flow, relax, allow i..
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